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Ani Roy

A speaker, transformational teacher and coach, Ani loves to create massive breakthroughs in people’s lives using her unique gifts, skills and talents as an Energy Healer and NLP Practitioner. She is passionate about self empowerment and believes that there are certain universal laws that govern our lives. In order to be successful you need to know the rules of the game i.e. know how to leverage the universal laws in your favor. All her work is strongly based upon understanding the laws of nature and harnessing the power that creates worlds, to create the life of success that everyone desires.

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Caroline Balinska

A digital marketing expert, who provides holistic solutions, Caroline helps her clients to automate their business so they can work less and make more money. She teaches how how to effectively work “on” your business, instead of “in” your business, so you can have the quality of life you deserve and desire. She is passionate about showing you how you how to have it all. Caroline knows people who are struggling to take their business to the next level, have a lack of support, planning, training and resources, which is something she is passionate in helping you get because your business should work in with your lifestyle, not the other way around!

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